Here are some of the bands and things I have done musically over the years. I wish I had more photos of my garage
band days but I guess the photos I kept were of the more memorable times in my life.

Well, I was born January 16, 1964

Yep it's me ...Wasn't I cute? As far as I know I was 10-months old in the picture with the sailor cap. I was probably not much older on the second photo!

Tony Favatella "Mr. Fava"

Mr. Fava was a man that had a big impact on my life and musical growth. During my formative years as a guitarist I was guided by this man. Tony was like a second father to me. I have fond memories of working through the Mel Bay Guitar books and learning songs like "Wipe Out" by the Surfaris & "Walk Don't Run"  by the Ventures.

(Chuck's Mom's Basement anyway lol!)

Look at this Motley Crew. One of my many, many Basement Bands. Tommy, Johnny, Dean and me in the back!

We used to play STYX, TRIUMPH, PINK FLOYD, BLACK SABBATH, FOGHAT, among others.


Taken right out of the 1983 Maple Shade High School Senior Year Book...Yes, you guessed it ..CLASS MUSICIAN .Dig the Van Halen T-Shirt and the Cheesy Mustache! LOL!


Man, what can I say about this time in my life?

It all started with a chance meeting with RCA recording artist Robert Hazard back in the mid-eighties. Robert had songs on the radio and was supposed to be the next big thing to come out of New Jersey since Bon Jovi!

Roberts Songs - "Chain Reaction", "Escalator of Life", you'd probably know him as the man that wrote "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" for Cindy Lauper.

Laura and the Life Boys was a great band with some great commercial pop-rock songs.

We performed at the bests venues in Philadelphia and opened for groups such as national recording acts "Pretty Poison" and "The Romantics".



I think this group started sometime in the early 90's. This was the last of the original projects for me.

Real good commercial pop-rock!


Mr. Jim Hall

Mr. Scott Rouba

I met Jimmy Hall and Scott Rouba when I was working as a salesman at Zapf's Music in Pennsauken, NJ. They came in to buy a PA system. One was a music connoisseur and poet, the other a schooled drummer. We became great friends and started writing music together. As time went on we had a large body of work and probably a half-dozen very strong songs. We entered our best material in two Billboard magazine contests and I believe three of the songs won honorable mention.

I tried for a year after that to try to get these songs published but found the publishing industry to be as bad and as cut-throat as it was trying to make a name for yourself as an artist.


This shot was taken at either J. Bodines or Fat Jack's in Berlin, NJ.
(The club changed names)

I was playing with the Mark Stinger band opening up for SMOKIN' JOE KUBEK. Mark plays a mix of blues and other funky stuff.

Mr. Mark Stinger


At the time I guess it really didn't sink in what a treat and an honor it was to meet the man who change guitar playing, invented Multi-track recording and made such a profound mark on the word of music. Les Paul performed a great show and at the end of the night he hung out with us for a while. When he went to leave his driver actually had to button his jacket for him because his arthritis was so bad. This was a testament to the power of the spirit we all have inside ourselves. This man could get himself in a zone to forget his pain for that hour or two to play guitar even with his arthritis.

Chuck McCrory , Scott Rouba, Roycee Martin

This is the first group I ever fronted doing a mix of Blues, Motown and Rock & Roll Oldies.

The group started out as a 3-piece until we landed a smokin' harmonica player named Jimmy Budnicki!.

Just for fun I started an E-Magazine devoted to the Fender Stratocaster. (The original title was called "All Things Strat"). From 2003 -2005, this magazine exploded. The magazine produced 23,000 readers a month. As time went on I found a volunteer staff of wonderful people who were scattered all over the US, Canada and England who contributed to the magazine's success. They are as followed: Mark Wong, Jason Chan, Pieter Holland, Mark Mitchell, Matt Gaskell & Marty Davis.

Things were cool until I got the bright idea of possibly taking the magazine commercial. Everyone was onboard except Fender Musical Instruments whose lawyers basically told us we would be sued with taking the magazine commercial with "Strat" in the name. So, we renamed the magazine "All things guitar" and opened it up to all guitars and guitar manufacturers. As soon as the change was announced our readership went from 23,000 to 1,000 readers. We tried in the next year to bring the magazine back to it's glory but never recovered the readership. The magazine ended in 2006.

Who knew a chance meeting on myspace with Art Seifert would cause the planets to align and a great band to form. I did a two year tour of duty with the Pack and though there was some great times, it was just my time to move on!

A three piece band who performed a mix of Classic Rock, Blues and Motown. Just an all around great band! A small band with a big sound. Scott Rouba has to be one of the best drummers I have ever worked with and Larry Baltimore is just an all around great guy and solid bassist. What Next Ended december of 2011.

The Greenwood Inn

I am proud to say I started one of the best "Blues Open Mics" around!

What more could you ask for ... I get to jam with two moster players who I am proud to call my friends.

Thanks to everyone who attends!


The Mr. Lucky Blues Band

My first duel guitar blues band

Chuck McCrory - Guitar and Vocals
John Bastiani - Guitar and Vocals
MIke Carthan - Bass
Danny Coleman - Drums

The band is coming out of the gate strong and getting a lot of gigs! The bands is smokin'!

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51-years old. 50lbs lighter thanks to a recent Gastric Sleeve. I Sill have my hair...well most of it anyway. lol! Happily Married with a great wife, wonderful son and cool German Sheppard named "Shotsie".