Though this is not all of my influences, I think these people had the most influence on me and my playing.
The musicians listed are in no particular order.

Elvis Presley - I was weaned on Elvis. My mom was a big Elvis fanatic and I think it rubbed off on me. Actually my first professional gig was backing an Elvis impersonator.

The Beatles - How can you not love the fab-4? Incredible songs, great harmonies, music that has just lasted the tests of time.

Jimi Hendrix - One of the Fathers of Rock Guitar. So ahead of his time. There was such a fire and energy to his playing.

Jeff Beck - What a masterful guitarist! Blow By Blow, Live at Ronnie Scotts, Blue Wind ...albums that should be in every good guitarist’s collection.

Eric Clapton – Another guitarist I cut my teeth on. Songs by Cream and songs from him as a solo artist probably had the most influence on me of his body of work.

BB King – Probably the first blues licks I ever copped where from the BB King Live at Cook County Jail Album.

Eddy Van Halen - Though I don't really play like this anymore Eddie Van Halen was a big influence on me. Now I was a child of the eighties, so as a kid you had to at least make an attempt to play "eruption" or you just weren't a guitarist!

Gary Moore - Thin Lizzy...solo career in Rock and Blues...just an amazing guitarist.

Carlos Santana - Any guitarist that can make the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up on end is OK in my book. Carlos plays with such feel and emotion!

Joe Banamassa - One of the new guitarists out there! His playing just blows me away! I have every CD and Video this guy has ever made.

Stevie Ray Vaughan - I don't think there has been a guitarist that has had such an impact on me as Stevie. He single-handedly revived the blues and made blues music even more popular to the masses.

Neal Schon – The band Journey had a big influence on me growing up. Think I learned almost every song on the Infinity album and also loved his 1st solo album with Jan Hammer.