2006 PRS McCarthy 10-Top

This Beautiful guitar was a Father's day gift from my son. Way better than a neck tie or coffee mug! loll!

Color: Mateo Blue with bird inlays.

Mods: The bridge studs were replaced with Tone Pros locking studs, which I believe improved the sustain. A mahogany back plate was added and the newer, PRS clear knobs were installed.

Just a real nice lively sounding Instrument!

Gibson ES-339

I always wanted a Gibson ES335 but when your under 6' tall these guitars look freakishly big. This is a Gibson Custom Shop ES339. I call it the 335 shrunk in the Dryer. It is more to Les Paul proportions. I replaced the Gibson 57's for Burstbuckers 1 & 2.

Date assembled: 6/28/2012

And then there were three....

All these guitar have been modified for playing live. The only possible regret will be the mahogany Strat which 500 were made, but saddle the difference in pickups power between the original Shawbucker and gen 3 pickups were so great I decided to do a two humbucker Srat.

1998 American Strat "Spot"
Bought this guitar and it looked like someone played it for a month and tucked it under a bed for several years. The color is Inca silver which yellowed over the years. The name spot came about because of a chip in the finished that I gave a luthier the impossible task of trying to color match a paint color. Though you can't see it unless you are up very close, there is a spot where the color match is slightly off! The two changes are Fender locking tuners and Duncan classic stacks.

American Deluxe Mahogany Stratocaster
This is a 2015 limited run of of 500 Guitars. Two piece body, made of Mahogany - coming in at 7.5 pounds. Since I have 3-Stratocasters, I wanted to do a change up the Electronics. This guitar kind of pays homage to Jimmy Herring, sporting 2-humbckers. (Two Duncan Pearly Gates Pickups).THis guitar is warm and spanky! Just love it. I could not find a color name other than "Mahogany Burst", which I have to find out from fender if that is really what it is called!

2004 American Strat
In mint condition that I purchased used. There were a few changes made to the guitar. A cream pearl pickguard. Fender Generation 4 pickups (I hate 60-cycle hum) and Fender Locking tuners which gives it more stability using the trem. Great sounding guitar with Classic Looks!  


American Tele "Ash Body"

I have to re-check the date but I believe it's a 2014. Traded this even up for a Mexi-Talyor. Added Gen. 4 pickups...Look Ma', no 60-cycle hum!

I also added an electronics plate that puts the 3-position switch on an angle and sets the volume pot back ever so slightly for a little better access.



2019 Gretsch Electromatic Jet

For a $440, I am shocked at the quality of these guitars. If weight is an issue these are a nice alternatives to a Les Paul. (Completely chambered body)

Though some might see this as a little sexist,
(I did get the approval from my wife who thought it cool! lol)

When I think of Gretsch I think of Girls, hotrods and rockabilly, so I thought this Pinup Girl truss cover looked so cool!


FS850 - When you are not really an acoustic player but want something durable and sounds pretty damn good for the price range, check out Yamaha.

The only thing I do with acoustics is change out the plastic pins for Ebony which I believe makes the guitar sound warmer and it projects more!


  •   Solid Mahogany Top
  •   Mahogany Back & Sides
  •   Rosewood Fingerboard
  •   Rosewood Bridge
  •   Die cast Tuners
  •   Adjustable truss rod