2006 PRS McCarthy 10-Top

This Beautiful guitar was a Father's day gift from my son. Way better than a neck tie or coffee mug! lol!

Color: Mateo Blue with bird inlays.

Mods: The bridge studs were replaced with Tone Pros locking studs, which I believe improved the sustain. A mahogany back plate was added and the newer, PRS clear knobs were installed.

Just a real nice lively sounding Instrument!

Gibson ES-339

I always wanted a Gibson ES335 but when your under 6' tall these guitars look freakishly big. This is a Gibson Custom Shop ES339. I call it the 335 shrunk in the Dryer. It is more to Les Paul proportions. I replaced the Gibson 57's for Burstbuckers 1 & 2.

Date assembled: 6/28/2012


American Deluxe Mahogany Stratocaster


This is a 2015 limited run of of 500 Guitars. Two piece body, coming in at 7.5 pounds.

It has a Shawbucker in the bridge and two Fender N3 pickups with a S1 switching system. This has a mint pickguard which looks awesome in combination with the dark wood. The body is so ever thinner then a stock Stratocaster, helping with the weight.

THis guitar is warm and spanky! Just love it. It's a totally awesome guitar from classic looks to spectacular tone! I could not find a color name other than "Mahogany Burst", which I have to find out from fender if that is really what it is called!


So Let's talk about Import Guitars. My thoughts about these instruments changed this year, when after owning three very expensive American guitars, and a cheap used $250.00 Ibanez 335 copy...Well, guess what I got the most compliments on my tone? Yes, you guess it, The $250.00 Ibanez.

Do yourself a favor and don't get caught up in the "It has to be American" because sadly American quality isn't as good as it use to be.

I put about $225 in upgrades to this $400.00 Vintage vive guitars. I will not make the claim that it destroys the limited run Fender pictured above, but I will say I could buy three of this all modded for the price of the American show above.

Yes, I know it says Squier, but this Vintage Vibe Strat is one Bad Ass Guitar!


This is an Ibanez AG73 (Flame Maple). Just a gorgeous instrument, which sounds and plays awesome! I highly recommend this guitar that is looking for an inexpensive jazz box. This guitar was $600 with the case.

The back is just as flamey as the front....JUst a head tuner guitar!


This is a 214CE deluxe in sunburst. (Made in Mexico)

This is a grand auditorium in size. Sitka spruce top, Indian rosewood back and sides,and an ebony fret board. Integrated electronics with 2-band EQ and volume control, and easy access battery panel.

Just a great sounding guitar!