With the amps I have this board is usually only taken out when I go to an open mike, or someone house and use their amplification. This has to be one of the smallest pedal boards in history, but to most traditional blues players, I still use too many effects! lol

All the pedals are on a Stomp Box pedal board (Pedaltrain knock off). powered by a True Tone, One Spot.

Beatles Pick Tin - velcro'd on the board - A nice little inexpensive way to always have a pick handy.


1. SNARK - Floor Tuner (SN 10-S) - I have tried many floor tuners. I like the SNARK because it's accurate and the display is nice and big. Another plus side is when the pedal is engaged, it cuts the signal to your amplifier. This is great if you need to flop out guitars on the fly.

3. Xotic BB-Preamp - I cannot tell ypu how many times I have taken this pedal off my board only to buy it again.
This one was modified by Glenn Hansel Tone Techniques In Haddonfield, NJ. He adding two germanium diods to get a little more sustain out of the unit!

4. TC Electronics – Corona Chorus – Pretty sounding chorusing effects on ballads. Also, if you set the speed right, you can get an somewhat convincing Leslie sound with it too.

5. Boss DD-3 Delay -
If you're not copying Brian May solos and just want a little delay to wetting things up a tad, this is your pedal. The Favorite delay pedal of Joe Bonamassa.


So, I finnaly got the urge to mess around with sound & break from the blues a little.

BOARD – Pedaltrain Classic Jr.
• 3-tier step (back row)
• Power – Voodoo Labs – Pedal Power 2-plus
• 12 - 2” Blue LED Light strips (underside of board)

• Dunlop CRy-Baby "Slash" Wah
• Kliq Tuner (Chinese, no name brand)
• MXR Phase 90 - Script Logo
• Xotic Effect SL Drive (Marshal Super Lead) .
• Chinese “No-Name” ProCo Rat Clone
• Electro-Harmonix POG
• Boss “Wazacraft” CE-2W Chorus Pedal
• Boss DD3 Digital Delay