50 Watt Night Train HEAD & 112 Peavey Cabinet

I all started with a Night Train 15 combo and quickly upgraded to the 50-watt head and cabinet. This amp has beautiful cleans, and an amazing overdrive channel. I don't use a distortion/overdrive pedal with this amp, because the drive channel sounds that good!

Bought a 112 Peavey cabinet that comes stock with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker. One main reason I picked peavey was the cabinet was a "Convertable," meaning you can make this closed or open back. I use it as an open back right now.

Right now this is my dream amp!

I am also using this amp for acoustic playing too. The amp simulation setting is very nice and I like the effect options better than the fishman loudbox.

I never thought I'd ever say a transister amp would ever compete with a tube amp, but this new Katana series amp by Boss has just put me in awe!

You have distortions, modeling, midulation effects, etc. It takes a little time to tweak the amp to your needs but once you get it where you need it, it's awsome!

This amp puts out 50-watts and in my opinion puts a lot of tube amps to shame! She weight in at 25lbs and has a street price is $200.00.