50 Watt Night Train HEAD & 112 Custom Pine Cabinet


This amp has beautiful cleans, and an amazing overdrive channel. I don't use a distortion/overdrive pedal with this amp, because the drive channel sounds that good!

I found a guy on Ebay that sold custom made finger jointed pine cabinets for $190.00 .... I loaded in a "British Made" Celestion Vintage 30 Speaker.


To modify your Blues Jr., go to these websites:
for the Mods
to order your tranformer - Part# TO20B

So this was a fun little project that I knew going in I would never be able to recoup the money I put into it. It started out as a Blues Jr. Version III.

This website site has a ton of information to make you stock Blues Jr. a tone machine!

My buddy did all the standard Bill M Mods, which involved changing the tone stack section. Next a visit to Allen Amplification to by a new retro-fit output transformer.

Next an Eminence Red Coat "Private Jack" speaker was put in place of the stock speaker and Finally a custom cabinet maker who made this retro looking beauty, that is the size of a Carr Mercury amp. What a great overall sound it has, and 110% improvement from the way it sounded prior!